Amber People

by Sha Cage

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Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records dives headlong into the digital age and the future of music, with the first digital download only, album release of Minnesota, presenting the debut album of Priestess of the Word, Shá Cage. A 21st century Renaissance woman, Cage is an internationally recognized, spoken word artist, actor, playwright and more.

Remember those days when Renaissance women looked like Zena the Warrior. Well today's renaissance woman looks nothing like Zena and carries her strength in different places, notably in her words that have been known to slice, cut and calm all in one punch, coupled with an unstoppable performance. This fiery spoken word priestess releases her debut album, titled Amber People, as a digital only release, and available internationally.

Although compared to Sara Jones, Ursula Rucker, Lauryn Hill, June Jordan, Nikki Giovanni, Ntozake Shange, and MC Lyte, Shá Cage is a unique talent whose versatile voice and performance can quickly move from a thunderous volcano to a melodic river. Shá is a standout in the spoken word genre, having been featured in recent years in articles and magazines, nationally and internationally including London Times, UK Pulse and Isthmus, along with various festivals and venues.

"She is at the forefront of women making an impact on the arts and music industry in the Twin Cities, forging a ritualistic feminine path. Women with fierce strength and courage who choose to not sit in the back of the bus, or wait on the sidelines, and refuse to taking any mess from anyone. Women that are laying the foundation for generations to come, living by the philosophy that you can still maintain you femininity yet hold your own in a male dominated industry and art form." says Executive Director e.g. bailey of Trú Rúts/Speakeasy Records

Amber People features musician/producer HipGnosis (IL), percussionist Truthmaze (MN), vocalist Aimee K Bryant (MN) and includes live performances from the 2006 Verbal Graffitti Tour, with tracks produced by HipGnosis (IL), e.g. bailey (MN), Matt Hopner (of Cave Man Records) (MN), Andrew Bachyn (Chicago) (MN), and Ben Durrant (of Crazy Beast Studio) (MN).

In 2006, Cage toured the UK for two months, as part of the cutting edge spoken word and hip hop theatre production, Word Temple. She was also featured in premiere of the UK theatre production, Hair Stories, and will be returning again in 2007 to remount the production at the Decibel Festival in Birmingham, England. In addition, she is an acclaimed actor with numerous credits to her name, who was recently featured in the short film, Radio, directed by Matt Osterman; and also played the Bride in Garcia Lorca's Blood Wedding, including the lead roles in Frank Theatre's productions of Suzan Lori Parks' productions, Venus and Fucking A. She is currently working on an exciting new international collaboration with STGK, a hip hop group from Sweden, to be released at the end of 2007.

'Amber People' is released by indie label, Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records. See for more information. To request interviews or additional images, please contact or 612-288-9491.


released May 22, 2007

1. My Words
Produced by Ben Durrant
(S. Cage)

2. Dreams (featuring Aimee K. Bryant)
Produced by Andrew Baschyn
Written by Sisonke Msimang
(S. Cage)

3. Amber People (featuring Truthmaze)
Produced by e.g. bailey
Recorded live at Jam Space (Dekalb, IL) during Verbal Graffiti Tour 2006
(S. Cage)

4. Diallo
Produced by Ben Durrant
(S. Cage)

5. Minneapolis Poem (featuring Rene Ford)
Produced by Matt Hupton
Saxophone: Rene Ford
(S. Cage, R. Ford)

6. Knock Knock
Produced by Ben Durrant
(S. Cage)

7. This Man I Know
Produced by Ben Durrant
(S. Cage)

8. Prophecies (featuring Truthmaze)
Produced by e.g. bailey
Recorded live at Jam Space (Dekalb, IL) during Verbal Graffiti Tour 2006
(S. Cage)

9. Birthing
Produced by Ben Durrant
(S. Cage)

10. writer in the family
Produced by Ben Durrant
Written by e.g. bailey
(e.g. bailey)

11. My Words (Glitch Mix by HipGnosis)
Produced by HipGnosis
Music by HipGnosis
(S. Cage)

12. Unicorns
Produced by Ben Durrant
(S. Cage)

Executive Produced by e.g. bailey + Shá Cage. Produced by Ben Durrant, HipGnosis, e.g. bailey + Shá Cage. All text written by Shá Cage except where noted.

Mastered by HipGnosis, Champaign, IL. Tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12 - Recorded, Engineered + Mixed by Ben Durrant at Crazy Beast Studios, Minneapolis, MN. Track 2 - Recorded, Engineered + Mixed by Andrew Baschyn. Originally featured on the Words Will Heal the Wound (Volume One) spoken word compilation, from Tru Ruts |Speakeasy Records. Track 3, 8 - Recorded by Billy at Jam Space (Dekalb, IL) during Verbal Graffiti Tour 2006. Track 5 - Recorded, Engineered + Mixed by Matt Hupton at Caveman Records, Minneapolis, MN. Originally featured in Pangea World Theatre's production of 2704, from the Bridges Project collective. Track 11 - Recorded, Engineered by Ben Durant at Crazy Beast Studios, Minneapolis, MN; Mixed by HipGnosis. All Songs Copyright © 2007 Trú Rúts Endeavors, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. International Copyright Secured.

Photography: Heidi Ehalt. Design: Cullen Balch/CB Digital Design. Art Direction: e.g. bailey + Cullen Balch. Trú Rúts Endeavors logo: Cullen Balch. Trú Rúts Endeavors tree logo design: Karin Odell. Speakeasy Records logo design: Walter Kitundu. Management + Booking: Oni Management for Tru Ruts Endeavors 612-288-9491 |

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